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The Co-Founder Matching Problem

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Without fail week after week events having to do with co-founder matching or co-founder dating are consistantly the most highest clicked events on [Startup Digest]. Also privately I get asked at least 5-10 weeks for personal introductions to co-founders. Clearly this is a very underserved problem in the Startup Ecosystem and events like FounderDating and Startup Weekend are playing big roles in alleviating this. I’ve been looking more intro the co-founder matching problem myself and wanted to share some good articles I’ve found on the topic.

If you have any additional articles or resources to share leave a comment! via Venture Hacks

“The ideal founding team is two individuals, with a history of working together, of similar age and financial standing, with mutual respect. One is good at building products and the other is good at selling them.”
“If it doesn’t feel right, keep looking. If you’re compromising, keep looking. A company’s DNA is set by the founders, and its culture is an extension of the founders’ personalities.” via Hacker News

“You don’t ‘find’ a cofounder, just like you don’t ‘find’ a wife. It’s a relationship with someone else that evolves over time and then someday, someone pops the question.” via Paul Graham

“Most successful startups have more than one founder, and usually the founders seem to have been friends for at least a year before starting the company. The best way to meet co-founders is to go to school with them, so recent grads have a big advantage there. You can also meet co-founders at work, but be careful not to violate whatever noncompete you signed. In the old days, co-founders often met through user groups, but this seems less common now.” via Seth Sternberg

“And therein lies the problem in finding co-founders for that startup you’re dying to launch. It’s most comfortable to hang out with people like ourselves, but those are exactly the folks you probably don’t want to co-found a startup with. Seems a bit unintuitive, right?” via Neil Patel

“Not only does it take time to find the right business partner, but also you’ll pick a few bad ones along the way. Don’t get discouraged by this because it happens to the best of us.” via AppRabbit

“It’s been said many times and by many people that startups should have multiple founders, and there are plenty of existing blog posts about why, but for some of us that isn’t the way things are working out. If you’re going at it alone like me, it’s important that you establish a solid support network, even if they aren’t there by your side coding.”
“Friends, parents, siblings, whatever you’ve got, try to tap into people who can get excited about what you’re doing and give you a platform to bounce ideas off of, or lift you up when you’re feeling down or things start to get rough.”

Written by Chris McCann

March 25, 2010 at 7:31 am


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